We have fully equipped lab manned by highly qualified staff for

In coming raw material inspection

Finished goods inspection.

Quality assurance,


Is among the largest in India,

Can Produce Triple Wall Board.

Having Web width of 2300 mm.

Mechanically and technically a state-of-the-art equipment.

Imported from Amcor, Australia.

In flute combination of B C A.

Having many special features.

Crush tester

ECT of the corrugated board,

CCT & CMT of paper,

Pin adhesion test.

RCT of paper,

Flat crush of Corrugated Board,

Contact Bar No Crush System

Adhesive consumption reductions of 2% – 15%. More stiffer board.

Average caliper increase of 0.05 – 0.10mm depending on board grade.

Up to 10% increase in pin adhesion strength.

Thermo Bar Heating

Increases the use of available heat.

Equalizes and balances board moisture content and temperature.

Jet Assist

Introduces steam to the double face glue liner prior to entry into double facer.

Pregelatinizes adhesive allowing for higher run speeds, particular on heavy weight board combinations.

Can be utilized for special applications, such as preprint with unstable varnish finish when double facer heat must be turned down.

Air Glide Traction Section

Eliminate part or all of the roll and bearing maintenance.

Air Glide air box system reduces drag on the main drive unit.

Eliminates any possibility of board crush in the Traction Section.

Dual Arch Adhesive Application System

Dual Arch System allows two separate mediums to be laminated together prior to entry into the corrugating rolls.

Containers produced with dual arch equipment can provide as much as 150% the strength of standard single fluted cases.

The increase of concora values of up to 100%, raises the flat crush figures by a similar percentage.

The reduced material in dual arch corrugated board provides a 10% increase in pallet stack heights.

Lower unit costs per box and superior compression values.

The Dual Arch Adhesive Application System applies special resin to the underside of the upper paper web in the direction of paper travel by means of an annular grooved roll.