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We at TGI, ensure the quality of our corrugated products. It is a standard procedure for our packaging engineers to design and make pre-production samples for trial and testing to make certain that our finished product can withstand the rigors of packing, handling, static storage and shipping. The following high-end tests are performed:

Bursting strength tester
  • Burst factor of incoming paper, and
  • Bursting strength of Corrugated Board
Crush tester
  • ECT of the corrugated board,
  • RCT of paper,
  • CCT & CMT of paper,
  • Flat crush of Corrugated Board,
  • Pin adhesion test.
Compression Strength tester
  • For measuring the ability of corrugated boxes to resist external compressive loads.
Puncture Resistance tester
  • Checking the energy required to force a puncture head through corrugated board.
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