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We have fully equipped lab manned by highly qualified staff for
  • In coming raw material inspection
  • Quality assurance,
  • Finished goods inspection.


  • Is among the largest in India,
  • Mechanically and technically a state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Imported from Amcor, Australia.
  • Can Produce Triple Wall Board.
  • In flute combination of B C A.
  • Having Web width of 2300 mm.
  • Having many special features.

Contact Bar No Crush System

  • Adhesive consumption reductions of 2% - 15%. More stiffer board.
  • Average caliper increase of 0.05 - 0.10mm depending on board grade.
  • Up to 10% increase in pin adhesion strength.

Thermo Bar Heating

  • Increases the use of available heat.
  • Equalizes and balances board moisture content and temperature.

Air Glide Traction Section

  • Eliminate part or all  of the roll and bearing maintenance.
  • Air Glide air box system reduces drag on the main drive unit.
  • Eliminates any possibility of board crush in the Traction Section.

Dual Arch Adhesive Application System

  • Dual Arch System allows two separate mediums to be laminated together prior to entry into the corrugating rolls.
  • Containers produced with dual arch equipment can provide as much as 150% the strength of standard single fluted cases.
  • The increase of concora values of up to 100%, raises the flat crush figures by a similar percentage.
  • The reduced material in dual arch corrugated board provides a 10% increase in pallet stack heights.
  • Lower unit costs per box and superior compression values
  • The Dual Arch Adhesive Application System applies special resin to the underside of the upper paper web in the direction of paper travel by means of an annular grooved roll.

Jet Assist

  • Introduces steam to the double face glue liner prior to entry into double facer.
  • Pregelatinizes adhesive allowing for higher run speeds, particular on heavy weight board combinations.
  • Can be utilized for special applications, such as preprint with unstable varnish finish when double facer heat must be turned down.

Versa Coater

  • High speed coater.
  • Roll in – Roll out type.
  • Can coat:
    • Silicon release agent.
    • Non skid varnish.
    • Rust ban coat.
    • Static ban coat.
    • Water resistant coat.
    • Water vapor resistant coat.

Rippa Tape System

  • Rippa-tapes make it easier to open packaging in order to have access to the packed product.
  • They are glue-inserted during the process of manufacturing of corrugated board on its bottom side.
  • The tapes are mostly applied in large-sized packaging of promotional products whereby goods on the shelves are displayed.

Reinforcing Tapes

  • Reinforcing tapes are used for improvement of resistance parameters of packaging made of corrugated board.
  • In particular for reinforcement of handles in beverage-trays
  • The tape is inserted into layers of paper in the process of board making.
  • Application: Bulk Bins: It helps eliminate vertical score line failure, increases weight carrying capacity and prevents "elephant footing" to ensure product containment.
  • Application: Heavy-Duty and Wet-Pack Containers: It is used to reinforce heavy-duty and wet-pack boxes for added durability and improved product containment to prevent container failure.
  • Application: Multi-Trip Containers: It is used in multi-trip containers to provide score line reinforcement that extends the useful life of a box, allowing it to be reused.
  • Application: Handle and Hand Hole Reinforcement: It is used to reinforce handles and hand holes to prevent them from tearing out.

Our Converting Equipment

  • 4 color flexo printer 2300 mm X 3300mm
  • 2 color flexo printer slotter 1560 mm X 2700 mm
  • Auto Flat bed die cutters.
  • Semi Auto Stitching Machines
  • Semi Auto Gluing Machines.

Flexo Printer Slotter

  • All the transmission rollers are make of high-quality steel whose surface is chrome plated and conducted dynamic balance correction.
  • The clearance of all the transmission rollers is manually adjustable and can be displayed on the dial.
  • Adopt key-free connecting ring to connect the cardboard feed gear wheel bush gear and planet gear with the shaft-head to promote performance and printing precision.
  • Adopt an oil pump spraying system to lubricate the gears
  • All the machines are equipment with safety control switches to control the travel of the machine unrig go ensure the safety of operators.

T – Series Auto Die cutter

  • Maximum cycles of 2200 per hour.
  • Maximum board size 1400 mm X 1700 mm.
  • Minimum board size 300 mm by 500 mm.
  • Pre – stack delivery system.
  • Stripping hood.
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